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The Transference of Pain Activism Model

Joseph Turner Founder

The only way to effectuate real, substantive change is by making it too painful for your opposition to continue the status quo. We adhere to a "transference of pain" model of activism. Politicians whore themselves out to corporations for campaign cash and special interest groups for votes -- American sovereignty be damned. Working-class middle America must unshackle themselves from this onerous burden, punish these transgressors, and purge them from power.

Writing letters, sending emails, and pounding the phone lines of elected officials is a staple of American activism. But, that isn't merely enough. These measures must be augmented with more robust forms of activism.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • ​Empowering the individual American who wants to fight for his country and providing him with the tools to make a difference
  • Seeking out innovative solutions and deploying provocative strategies that compels your opposition to respond
  • Targeting corporations when they advance an anti-American agenda (think beyond boycotts)
  • Getting engaged in political efforts, especially at the local level where bursts of activism can provide material impacts
  • Using protests and rallies to draw attention and shame to political and corporate wrongdoing.
  • Using instruments of direct democracy and social media propaganda platforms to create a multiplier/contagion effect

Our Philosophy on Activism

We believe that in order to maximize effectiveness, an organization must adhere to a few philosophical tenets:

  • Always fight battles on your terms. Make your opposition respond to your actions except for rare circumstances where responding allows you to use it to your advantage.
  • Fight the lesser battles you can win in lieu of the more significant and principled ones you cannot win. Momentum is fragile, but powerful. Build on your victories.
  • Our strategic management consists of a bottom up approach, not top down.
  • Attack your opponent where he is weak and you are strong. Guerrilla activism necessitates leveraging low-risk, high-reward opportunities for maximum growth.
  • Bring the pain. If you do not transfer your pain or burden onto your opposition there is little incentive for them to modify their behavior and change the status quo.
  • The commonalities we share and the significance of our nationalist objectives supersede whatever differences we might have with one another.
  • Accomplishing the organizational objective is more important than the individual's ego, his desire for credit, or to be right.

Our Children Deserve the Best

American children deserve the best America we can bequeath them. And they deserve our best. We must give them the America they deserve.

We cannot continue to allow their American birthright to be stolen out from underneath them ​while we stand impotent on the sidelines.

And it starts with you -- right now, right this moment!

Join one of the most effective organizations in the nation and become part of something special. You will be proud you did. We guarantee it.

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