When’s the Last Time the CA GOP had Year-Over-Year Gains in Registration?

When Assemblyman Chad Mayes, the leader of the California Assembly Republican Caucus, sold out and voted for the largest gas tax increase in American history, I led the charge to successfully oust him.

Grassroots activists were understandably pissed off and seething with anger. When I broke the news that Mayes had been having an affair with a colleague it provided the rocket fuel needed to boost the cap and trade gas tax into orbit.


During the five week political siege of Mayes where I ultimately succeeded in torpedoing his career, I often expressed my anger at the fact that Mayes screwed up our opportunity to run the "Gray Davis Playbook."

In the Hi-Desert Star I was quoted as follows:

​“This was a perfect opportunity for Republicans to differentiate themselves from Democrats,” Turner said after Mayes’ vote.

“We had a golden opportunity to differentiate ourselves and run the Gov. Grey Davis playbook.”The Grey Davis play refers to the 2003 recall of Davis, a Democrat, after he tripled vehicle licensing fees.The recall election gave California a Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The Democrats gave us a brilliant opportunity to communicate to the working poor in the state that we were the party looking out for them in opposing these burdensome gas taxes and regulations,” Turner said. “Now it’s back to being the party of rich white guys rather than the party looking out for working-class families.”

If you do not recall, Governor Gray Davis and his Democrat legislature tripled the car tax and it resulted in his recall. Not only that, we managed to elected a Republican (supposedly) governor.

In April, Governor Jerry Brown rammed through a 12 cent gas tax with the support of the Democrats, including State Senator Josh Newman (D-Diamond Bar). People were outraged. It was shades of Gray Davis and the 2003 recall campaign all over again.

San Diego Republican Carl DeMaio led the recall effort against Newman. He secured tens of thousands of dollars in funding, worked with talk radio shows like the John and Ken Show out of Los Angeles, and they furiously gathered signatures. In fact, the anger was so palpable and their effort was so successful that the Democrats in the legislature have tried repeatedly to change the rules of the recall to protect Newman.

So, we had the Newman recall going like gangbusters. Our base was passionate and fired up and not only that, we had an issue where the Republican Party could cross over and make headway with Democrat voters angry about the gas tax.

What did Assemblyman Chad Mayes & Company do? They go up and vote for a 71 cent gas tax and completely undermine the momentum of that recall effort and throw away an issue that would resonate with voters of all stripes.

It was infuriating.​ It was unforgivable.

But, if you listen to Chad Mayes -- he still doesn't get it. In an article today, Mayes is still trying to lecture his fellow Republicans about how to win elections and make the party relevant again.

The beauty of this piece by "CALmatters" is that it opens with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fawning all over Mayes. Such a ringing endorsement to have that squish sellout pontificating on how to make the party relevant.

Mayes says:

​“We can either convert individuals to become Republicans, or we can reflect California values and as a party begin to move toward Californians. What we’ve been doing for the last 20 years is not converting Californians to our ideas. We’ve been repelling them. And we haven’t been reflecting Californians, we’ve become more insular and ideologically pure. And both of those are not winning strategies.”

​Actually, what Republicans should be doing is defending the pocket books of Californians. That is the winning strategy.

In fact, the last time the California Republican Party had year-over-year registration gains during the past 20  years was back in 2003. ​That is the only year. Take a look.

What does that tell you?

It should tell anyone with an IQ north of 2 that the way you bring the California Republican Party back to relevance is by ferociously going after any vehicle and car taxes levied against the populace by the out-of-control Democrat controlled legislature.

Put money back into the pockets of Californians -- fight for fiscal sanity -- and the votes will be there. ​

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