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Building a Better Future for Our Children

You sacrifice and work hard to give your child a better future -- moving into the best school district you can afford. Yet, our politicians allow millions of illegal aliens into our country and we spend tens of billions of dollars each year educating foreigners while our education system deteriorates.

Joseph TurnerFounder 

Feckless and corrupt politicians are robbing our children of their future.

Many Democrats pander to illegal aliens and the plight of refugees in the name of securing future votes for their party. Many Republicans do the bidding of big corporations and globalists in exchange for campaign cash.

At the state and local level you have public employee unions buying off elected officials with campaign contributions in return for lavish and excessive pensions guaranteed by the taxpayer.​

On one hand we have spent decades outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries willing to supply cheap labor. On the other we have spent decades importing millions of illegal aliens, refugees, and immigrants on visas to undercut the American worker on the jobs that remain. Then the middle and working class Americans still holding their head above water are asked to pay for an ever growing class of government employees.

Our children's future is being stolen!

It is time to put our American children -- the future of this great nation -- first!

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What We Believe

We believe in the superiority of America and American values. We believe America is a beacon of salvation for man and that the demise of America and Western Civilization represents the demise of mankind. 

Joseph TurnerFounder

America and Western Civilization is under attack. The future of our great nation and our culture is in grave danger.

​Internally, we have a growing group of radical extremists on the left espousing Marxist and socialist ideologies. They detest capitalism, abhor nationalism, and detest the concept of the nation-state. They peddle identity politics, and any opinion that deviates from their warped worldview is categorized as being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamophobic. American patriots are labeled deplorables.

Consequently, they feel justified in using violence and intimidation against Americans who dare to offer up an opposing viewpoint.

Our politicians are importing millions of illegal aliens and refugees -- many of whom do not share our American values and ethos. Many of whom come here simply to better their own lives without a care or thought towards making America better. These same politicians coddle and pander to these groups and discourage assimilation.

Transnational corporations and globalists seek a world without borders -- viewing each person who inhabits this planet as merely an interchangeable cog in their machine.

We are proud, unapologetic nationalists who believe that it is time to implement "America First" policies -- and that the time of sacrificing the future of our children in the name of taking care of the rest of the world must come to an end.

Our Founder - Joseph Turner

In the network of anti-illegal immigrant activists, few have risen higher or faster than Joseph Turner.

Miriam Jordan, Reporter
The Wall Street Journal

American Children First was founded by Joseph Turner.

Nationalism and American exceptionalism have been the philosophical underpinnings guiding our founder going back to his days as an opinionated activist in high school.

In November of 1994, California voters were asked to vote on Proposition 187, a measure that would have made illegal aliens ineligible for many government services and entitlements. As a high school senior, Turner gave a fiery and passionate speech in support of the measure in the campus quad during lunch.

In 2004, Turner founded Save Our State, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that would go on to become one of the most influential and well-known anti-illegal immigration groups in the nation. One of the hallmarks of the organization was its aggressive brand of street-level activism within communities with significant illegal alien populations and at day-laborer sites.

Turner also authored the "Illegal Immigration Relief Act" (IIRA) in the City of San Bernardino in what was the first ever attempt to combat the issue at the local level. The measure would have prohibited landlords from renting to illegal aliens, prevented day labor centers, and prohibited businesses from getting business permits and contracts if they hired illegal aliens.

Turner believed that through his efforts and the work of Save Our State activists that they could effectively "franchise" the idea and get other jurisdictions across the country to copycat the idea. And they did as dozens of jurisdictions across the country followed suit.

The most notable examples of this were the cities of: Hazleton (PA), Farmers Branch (TX), and Escondido (CA).

After Escondido passed such an ordinance, the California legislature passed AB 976 prohibiting local jurisdictions from requiring landlords to inquire about the legal status of their tenants.

I took language from [Joseph Turner's initiative in San Bernardino] and modified it for our situation.

Congressman Lou Barletta
Former Mayor of Hazleton, PA

Hazleton would end up becoming the most well-known city to copy Turner's IIRA after Mayor Lou Barletta introduced it in the summer of 2006. He would subsequently go on to be elected to Congress where he currently serves today. Both Hazleton and Farmers Branch fought legal challenges to their respective Courts of Appeals and lost. In each instance, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the cases.

After working with grassroots activists across the nation to defeat attempts by Congress to give amnesty to illegal aliens in the summers of 2006 and 2007, Turner took a hiatus from the movement to pursue other endeavors.​

Turner founded American Children First In response to Donald Trump's victory.  He recognized the short window of opportunity that exists to ensure that promises made on the issues of illegal immigration, border security, and trade are kept.

Joseph Turner Founder

Momentum is a very fragile thing and we must fight like hell to ensure that 'America First' policies are enacted before GOP establishment cuckservatives work in concert with the radical leftists to sabotage President Trump and subvert the will of the American people.

What Our Opposition Says About Us

There is no doubt they are winning the Internet battle. I am amazed at the effectiveness of their network.

Armando Navarro, UC Riverside Professor
Ethnic Studies and open borders advocate
American Immigration Lawyers Association

The current wave of anti-immigrant ordinances aimed at denying housing to individuals who cannot immediately prove their immigration status began in April 2006, with the introduction of the “Illegal Immigration Relief Act Ordinance” in San Bernardino, California. Though the proposed ordinance was defeated, it provided communities across the country with a blueprint for attempting to regulate immigration at the local level. Since then, more than forty localities have proposed some form of the San Bernardino ordinance, each varying in language and in scope.

It's unfortunate that [they are] here, I personally... I see them as a terrorist group and a racist group that does not represent mainstream America."

Manuel Lozano
Mayor, City of Baldwin Park, CA

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Joseph Turner
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